Every Spark Of Friendship And Love Will Die Without A Home

As we slowly ease through the first month of the new year, I remain grateful for the mild temperatures this winter has offered us thus far. Inside, the cats cuddle close beneath light blankets, but spend just as much time pouncing on insectile prey in the leaf-strewn yard. I’ve rebuilt the temporary ‘annex’ studio, and have been laser-focused on musical and other artistic pursuits as of late. With the holidays (and the accompanying hyper-socialization and lengthy drives) behind us, I’m thankful to be able to return to some modicum of quiet normalcy. I had sworn off the idea of out-of-town Nonconnah shows in 2020, but had forgotten that I had applied for South By Southwest, and so for the second year in a row I’ll be heading to Texas in March, my friend Nathan accompanying in Denny’s stead. Perhaps by then I’ll be keen to wander a little, though I don’t relish the hectic pace of Austin at festival-time. 

There’s not much other news to report, I’m afraid. Denny is still cautiously mulling the professional crossroads she’ll soon be facing, and weighing the pros and cons of a return to academia. My mother’s postponed her move west for the time being, and while I’m not sure this is the wisest course of action overall, I can’t say I’m not pleased to have her remain within a couple days’ drive. Having only a couple of blood relatives you’re in contact with means you worry that much more about their health and safety. I’m reteaching myself Chinook after finding myself rather rusty, and working my way through some beloved Peter Straub fiction, but otherwise it’s pretty much all work and little play. The world situation remains quite alarming, between our tyrannical government provoking Iran and Australia still being ablaze, but perhaps 2020 will offer clearer, calmer seas once these turmoils cease.

We’ll see.

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